Sailors Collection Brass Binnacle Gimballed Compass

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6/17/2024 2:15:00 AM
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This exquisite handmade shiny brass binnacle helmet gimballed compass is a must-have for any vintage maritime collection. Measuring 8 inches in both length and width, this portable compass is crafted from solid brass and features a gimballed mechanism to keep it level even as a ship pitches and rolls. The binnacle compass, polished to a brilliant shine, includes a precise magnetic needle for accurate directional readings, making it indispensable for sailors and maritime enthusiasts. Historically, binnacle compasses have been crucial for navigation since they utilize the Earth's magnetic field to indicate north, guiding travelers through uncharted waters. This beautiful piece replicates traditional models used by sailors and explorers, such as those who sailed under famous navigators like Captain Cook. The compass is not only functional for navigating coastal waters and high seas but also serves as a stunning collectible item.
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