Appx 2200 Unsearched Canadian Copper Cents

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12/10/2023 9:15:00 PM
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12/13/2023 9:00:00 PM

 Appx 2200 Unsearched Canadian Copper Cents. Discontinued by Canada several  years ago.Dont have a coin counter Will guess by weight. From a childhood coin collector. They stopped  collecting around 50 years ago. He lived close to the Canada border. Need the space. Stray coins were added but not many. Older ones weigh 3.24 grams each +/-  Using that calculation around 1700. Uncs seen with every scan.. Practicaly no ugly coins seen with any scans. Should be a good mix of dates. Unsearched They just put these aside there was not even a penny album They collected Canadian nickels. Think around 7000 8000 pieces  Weight 5600 plus grams. From a big lot now being split into 6 or more lots. Last lot

United States